Code of Conduct

All members of the Macdonald High School community are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect at all times.

In light of this, students should conduct themselves in a manner that will allow them to exercise their right to:

  • A safe, non-threatening environment
  • Inform a staff member in a timely manner of incidents of bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • Courtesy and respect at all times
  • Protection of their private property
  • A clean school
  • Hear appropriate language at all times


Therefore, the following rules apply to all students and guests of the school at all times:

  • Remarks, comments and/or innuendo regarding religion, skin colour/race, sexual orientation and gender will not be tolerated and any student who publicly expresses such comments will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the LBPSB’s ‘Safe School Policy’ and the school’s anti-bullying and anti-violence plan.
  • Aggression of any kind, verbal or physical is unacceptable. Other means must be found to resolve conflict. Services for conflict resolution are available in the school.
  • Acts of physical violence, bullying, harassment or intimidation whether in person or online of any kind are unacceptable.
  • Disrespectful or negative behaviour towards staff and fellow students, both in school or online is unacceptable.
  • Disrespectful or profane language towards staff and fellow students, both in school or online is unacceptable.
  • Possession or use of weapons is prohibited.
  • Possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances is prohibited.
  • No technological devices (i.e. phones, recording devices, tablets, computers, etc…) may be used to invade or threaten personal privacy or to disrupt other students or the safe and secure culture for learning.
  • Students with concerns should inform administration or a staff member.
  • Taking the property of others is theft. This will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Littering, graffiti and vandalism are not tolerated at Macdonald High School. Offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

Cyber Misconduct:

Any inappropriate use of social media or websites that is deemed to constitute an act of bullying, intimidation, harassment or violence is unacceptable. Students involved may be suspended or recommended for transfer or expulsion depending on the gravity of the situation. Other sanctions may also be applied. Counseling may be required before the student re-enters school.

School Suspension:

  • While a student is on suspension, he/she is not be on school property without prior permission from the Administration.
  • All suspensions result in the student being banned from school and student activities for the duration of the suspension.

School Hallways:

  • Students should be constantly aware of safe and courteous behavior in the halls.
  • Students in the hallways during class time will be expected to have their Agenda with a note from their Teacher or a Hall Pass.
  • Unless authorized by their teacher, students are not permitted to leave class.
  • Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared and with all the proper materials.

Fire Alarms:

Students who pull the fire alarm without just cause will be given a fine by the Fire Department and will be suspended from school.

School Bags:

Some teachers may not permit book bags (i.e. knapsacks, backpacks, etc.) in the classroom.

School Dress:

Students are encouraged to dress appropriately in clean, comfortable clothing that will not distract themselves or others from the primary purpose of being in school.

  • Students are not permitted to wear outerwear in the classroom. Coats and boots etc. are to be left in the locker.
  • Headwear, (except for religious or medical purposes), may not be worn in the school and should be left in the lockers.
  • Clothing and accessories with vulgar sayings, pictures and images are unacceptable.
  • Clothing, jewelry etc. that display emblems or symbols that could be found offensive to any individual or group will not be permitted.
  • Logos referring to drugs or alcohol or with sexually explicit messages are not appropriate for school.
  • All tops and/or bottoms that are skimpy or have a revealing nature are not permitted at school. (Mid thigh for shorts/skirts; 3 finger tip rule for straps.  Sleeveless t-shirts are also not permitted)
  • The school dress code applies to all school activities, including before and after regular school hours.

The Governing Board has authorized the following specific regulations:

  • No skin to be shown at the waist.
  • Spaghetti straps are not permitted
  • Pants are to be worn at the waist. Underwear should not be showing.


Disrespectful or non-compliant behaviour during school transportation or towards volunteers during carpooling on school trips may result in loss of privileges or other sanctions, based on the nature of the act.

It is mandatory that students:

  • Remain in their seats at all times
  • Interact with their peers appropriately
  • Behave in a way that does not endanger themselves or others
  • Treat the bus driver with respect
  • Use the bus appropriately without littering or vandalism
  • Food and beverages are not permitted


Parents with School Bus Transportation concerns should contact the Transportation Department directly at: 514-422-3001.

Dance Rules:

  • No smoking on school property.
  • Students suspected of arriving under the influence and/or in possession of drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from entering the dance. Parents will be contacted and regular school discipline invoked. For example: suspension, loss of grad privileges, extra-curricular ban etc.
  • Students are not permitted in the outside area beyond the end of the gym, such as near the dumpsters.
  • Doors close at 9:00 p.m. To gain access after this time, you must be signed in on the LATE LIST before Friday at 1:30 p.m. You must indicate your time of arrival and have a valid reason.
  • One guest per Macdonald High School student is permitted. The Macdonald High School student is responsible for their guest during the entire dance. Full name and school must be on the guest list. Tickets must be pre-paid before Friday at 1:30 p.m.
  • Guests must be on the guest list before Friday at 1:30 p.m. Guests must have their student ID with them. NO EXCEPTIONS. Guests arriving at the door without a ticket will be turned away.


  • Students are not to loiter on nearby community properties.
  • Macdonald High School shares a campus with John Abbott and Macdonald College. Students are not to loiter on their properties or facilities.
  • Secondary I students are not permitted to leave the school grounds.
  • Loitering is a punishable offense and, in the past, the SPVM Police or Public Security has ticketed students.

Consequences for unacceptable behaviors:

In working with students who are unable to accept their responsibilities, the administration will impose consequences for behaviour based on the severity and/or repetitive nature of the behaviour, as well as the circumstances of the situation.  It should be noted that sanctions are applied with the understanding that the long term goal is the rehabilitation and reintegration of the student who commits an offence, but that the safety of all students is always the primary focus.  The consequences may include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussion – conference with student(s); phone call and/or letter to parent(s)
  • Counseling
  • Removal of privileges
  • Community service
  • Detention(s)
  • In-school suspension/Student Study Center
  • Serving all or part of the suspension at another Lester B. Pearson School.
  • Out-of-school suspension
  • Transfer to another school
  • Expulsion

In situations where students behave in ways that are against the law, the appropriate outside agency will be called in for assistance.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Daily attendance is not only required by law, but is one of the major factors contributing to success at school. For that reason, we have set the following guidelines:


  • Parents must phone the school when students are absent AND a written note from the parent/guardian in the Agenda is also required to justify any absence, upon the return of the student to class.
  • Students are prohibited from participating in any school activity on a day that they are absent.

Early Dismissal:

  • Parents/guardians must cover each early dismissal with a note specifying date, time etc. AND students must present the note to their homeroom teacher on the morning of the early dismissal.
  • In the case of unexpected early dismissal, students must sign-out at the Main Office, where parents will be contacted buy a staff member AND a note from the parent /guardian is required upon the return of the student to class.

Late Arrival:

  • Parents must cover each late arrival with a note, specifying arrival time, etc…
  • After 9:07, students must sign in at the office AND receive a late pass for admittance into class.
  • Students are expected to make up for lost time for any lateness that is not justified or is not covered by a note from the parent, by serving detention. Missing detentions will result in a school suspension.

Skipping Class:

  • Skipping classes is prohibited.
  • Students will be expected to make up time in detention.
  • Students who skip detentions will be suspended.

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