Student Leadership

This course is designed to help students acquire the tools they will need to be active leaders in their community. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to involve themselves in organizing and running many school-wide activities

The grade 11 leadership class has taken on a new project to change the lives of people who live in unfortunate circumstances. Students who attended the CLSC leadership conference felt inspired to do something more outside of the Macdonald High School community which is how the Brick by Brick campaign started. The students are planning to travel to the Dominican Republic to help underprivileged families build homes and supply furniture. Our goal is to step outside of our comfort zone, see and promote change for those who suffer and have no voice.

To help raise funds for this endeavour, the leadership class has planned successfully various activities, such as the staff versus students soccer game, the Terry Fox Run and grade seven day. The class also launched Spirit Week, which promoted school pride. Activities like a haunted house, a pep rally, pumpkin decorating and a Much Video Dance were featured in this event.

The class is also focusing on sports leadership, which includes ongoing intramural sports during lunchtime like mini stick hockey.

The Mac Humanitarian Project (MHP) was founded by and is run by Macdonald High School graduating students. The goals of the programs are simple, that is to generate a movement of young Canadians who will become responsible global citizens. Checkout the Humanitarian Project