Success Plan

The Macdonald High School Success Plan for 2010-2015 is based on the Lester B. Pearson School Board's Strategic Plan entitled "Together We Learn: Partnering for Student Success" and the MHS Educational Project. The MHS School Success Plan outlines a clear direction and defines our priorities for the coming five years. At Macdonald High School, it is our responsibility to ensure that every student in our school has the opportunity to excel. Our success plan provides a road map to meet that responsibility. It is built on the foundation of work accomplished through our 2006-2009 success plan and ensures that our goals are achievable, our progress is measurable and that we are accountable to those who place their trust in Macdonald High School.

Our success plan has been developed with input from our stakeholders and in accordance with the strategic directions of the Ministry of Education, Leisure & Sports and the four identified pillars of our school board's strategic plan. We believe the objectives and strategies we have chosen represent key areas that will increase the success rate of our students. At Macdonald High School student success is the force that drives all our actions