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When you leave Mac in your dust, give the school a thought now and again. Remember what made your years within her walls treasured memories and the flip side, the deeds that became lessons well learned and never to be repeated! These are stories that, some ten, twenty years down the road that you’ll want to share with old school buddies. Social media has given you the tools you need to stay in touch with so many people. But then there comes a time that life is just too dang busy with studies, careers and perhaps raising a family to keep up a correspondence. THAT’s when MHSAA can help to give you that face-à-face you’ll crave. You’ve guessed where I’m going with this; REUNIONS! Sign on with your alumni gang. View the web version of to update your email so we can send you the newsletters and then join MHSAA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Starting something brand new that will impact the rest of your life is loaded with promise. When I graduated from Mac, my dad gave me the gift a book called, “A Way of Life”, written by Sir William Osler, a highly esteemed McGill doctor. I SHOULD have read it right away, instead, I stuck it on a shelf, where it was destined to sit for the next few years. Turns out it truly would have been a gift to myself had I read it when intended. It is from another time but the principles were the key to Dr. Osler’s success and ultimate happiness; they hold true even now. It will take you less than an hour to read and worth every minute. I highly recommend it to you.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to apply for the MHSAA Award for Student Leadership. Five hundred bucks in your pocket is better than in ours!

All the best to you on your exams. Let’s all stay in touch ☺ and remember….we’re not your parents so LISTEN to us ;-)

Vivian (Chandler) Bruce

Pres. ex officio MHSAA

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