Student Services


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Guidance Counselor

The MAC Guidance office is responsible for the registration and orientation of new students and offers counselling services and academic and vocational guidance to the student community.  The Guidance Counsellor works as part of the multi-disciplinary school team to help facilitate the academic success and social development of the students. Liaison services between the school and community based partners from the health and social service sectors are provided. 

The MAC Guidance office strives to create a safe and caring environment where students can receive timely intervention in a period of crisis as well as ongoing support and academic guidance throughout their time at Macdonald High School. The Guidance Counsellor is available for consultation by students, staff, and parents on a daily basis. 

Please visit our dedicated Mac Guidance Web Site ( for more information.

Social Worker

- One day per week


- Two days per week

School Psychologist

- Two days per week

Drug Counselor

- One day per week

Work Study

- One day per week

  • Provides students an opportunity to experience careers & receive credits.
  • May also arrange for “job shadowing” for a day job or vocational school.
  • Students may answer a questionnaire on Career Cruising. Jobs are then suggested according to their answers.
Spiritual Animator/Community Office

- One day per week

  • Offers programs to students in Career Orientation
  • Program in Community Services
  • Interacts with the community in positive ways
  • Organizes Seniors' Tea
  • Organizes a Christmas Party for handicapped children
  • Co-ordinates student attendance at special events
  • Participates in Terry Fox Run
  • Much, much more

Parents and community volunteers are invited to come into the school to type, bind books, tutor, mentor, and to assist in the school in a variety of ways.

Planning Room

- Every day

The focus of the planning process is on present and future behaviour and the teaching of strategies that promote student success.


- Daily Service before school, at recess and at lunch

  • The cafeteria offers a large variety of food; full meals, snacks, soups, salads and many à la carte items to supplement your lunch from home.
  • For a copy of your school’s cafeteria menu and a list of prices for the school year, please visit the board's website.
  • Reloadable cafeteria cards are available through the cafeteria staff.  For information about caf cards and to create an account, please click here.
  • Food allergy awareness
    • Items that may contain nuts or traces of nut products will be identified with a Red Dot.
    • The onus is on the student to be proactive by inquiring about the ingredients of all the foods. The red dot acts as a warning symbol to alert the students with allergies to a POSSIBLE THREAT. The absence of a red dot does not guarantee that the food is nut-free.
    • Students are asked to avoid bringing nut products to school in accordance with Macdonald High School’s new allergy awareness efforts. This is in the best interest of our anaphylactic students.